A graduate of Texas A&M University-Texarkana and Lon Morris College, Josh H. Ellis is currently the head paralegal with Gruber Hurst Johansen Hail in Dallas, Texas. Prior to joining Gruber Hurst, Josh worked for five and half years as a Senior Paralegal in Forman Perry Watkins Krutz & Tardy’s Dallas office.

He began his career as a “runner” for a tiny, consumer bankruptcy firm in East Texas and worked his way through the ranks over the last ten years. He began Paralegal Pundit as a means of sharing the insight he gleaned through this journey, along with his trademark humorous observations.

When not at the firm or blogging, Josh enjoys sports, politics, films, wine and spending time with his lovely wife, Stephanie. Currently, he is working on his first novel, Texas is the Reason.

You can follow Josh on Twitter @paralegalpundit or e-mail him at jhellis978@gmail.com.


One response

9 06 2010
Chere Estrin

Just ran across your blog while doing research for Legal Field Blawgs for a new book, “The OLP’s Thought Leaders Guide to eDiscovery”. Interesting read! Keep it up!

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