A Book for Every Legal Professional

1 10 2010

“What can President Barack Obama and U.S. Senator Scott Brown teach law students and lawyers about finding a job? Both Obama and Brown obtained their current jobs through successful campaigns focused on social networking. Law students and lawyers can incorporate social networking in their job search campaigns as well.”

That is how attorney turned author, Amanda C. Ellis, describes her new book The 6Ps of the Big 3 for Job-Seeking JDs. I believe the advice found in Ms. Ellis’ book applies not only to law students and lawyers, but all legal professionals.

Ok, so I am the author’s brother. Can you say nepotism?

Seriously, the book contains great insight on how to turn your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts into job creating machines. The results speak for themselves. Even if you’re not looking for a new job, the book contains many great ideas for getting the most out of your social networking accounts in your current place of employment. Who knows, it may help you land that next big bonus or promotion.

Copies are available through Amazon.com and Ms. Ellis’ website.